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Week 99! September 12, 2016

September 2014 – October 2016

Elder Maxwell K. Wimmer
Ni Hao (Hello)
The Singapore Mission includes the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Most Mandarin missionaries serve in East or West Malaysia.



Elder Barlow, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Sabin, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ee - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Shirley - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Jones - Singapore
Elder Li - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Chin - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Lundahl-Wolford - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Durrant - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Geilman - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder South - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ethington - MTC
Elder Clark - MTC


Hello Everyone!

This week was really good! We saw some pretty awesome miracles. Sibu is great.

Miracle of the week:
One day it was raining and we weren’t really that excited to go out. We went outside and Elder Sabin had the idea of going over to visit our neighbors who lived two houses down. They had said hi to us multiple times before. So we went over and they invited us in. They are really nice. It turns out that they just moved into their house about a month ago. The mother’s name is *** (that’s what she told us to call her) We call her Sister ***. She has 12 children! Only 9 of her children currently live with her. Her youngest is 8 years old. We taught them the “cupsteration” (the object lesson using cups to teach the restoration). It went really well. The also came to our mid-Autumn festival party. The kids are actually really well behaved and they listen to us when we teach them.

We’ve also met some pretty cool potential investigators who are willing to meet. This next week should be awesome. I’m excited.

We tried doing some less-active hunting, but we didn’t really find anyone.

This last transfer I learned more about relying on the Lord. We are only tools. All we have to do is try to sanctify ourselves and try our best and the Lord will do the rest. Though when someone doesn’t want to sanctify himself and willing disobeys things

Yesterday was pretty crazy. We went over to a shop where one of our less-actives works. She wasn’t there, only her husband. After, we met this really interesting weird guy who lived near to where one of our members, named Bro. ***, used to live. It turns out that he’s our member’s landlord. It’s really sad though, because Bro. ***’s house just burned down about a couple of months ago. He lives in a new house now. Most of things were ruined in the fire though. I still remember when I came to visit Bro. *** at his house when I served here at the beginning of my mission. I don’t think anyone in his family got hurt though. I don’t know how his house caught on fire. Something that stuck out to me was the fact that out of all the things in this world, the most important things are our family members. Though it was sad that his things were ruined, at least he had his family members. I remember his showing us pictures of his. I think most of his pictures were destroyed, which is sad because those are memories.

Elder Sabin is ending his mission this week so I’ll be training a new missionary! Woohoo. This will be my first “son” I’ll have during my mission. I get to train him in my “birthplace”

Recently, I’ve still been focusing on always focusing on missionary work and not sharing stories. I have been very good at this. Actually I think my focus on that was lacking so I need to try a lot harder to do this. I know sharing stories isn’t a terrible thing. I don’t know why I always think of stories, but I think that the stories I share aren’t always related to things that we need to be doing. I also recently looked at a attribute assessment that I took. I chose some things to work on.

So for my last transfer, these are the things I’ll try to do.
-Focus my thoughts on my calling as a missionary.
-Focus my efforts on the most important things.
-Love and cherish the Savior and his gospel as well as ponder Christ’s teachings and what he has done for me.
-Desire the eternal welfare and happiness of others and try to understand their feelings and see their point of view.

I know that’s a lot of things, but I know if I regularly review those things and pray for the Lord’s help, I can do it,

Thanks for reading!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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