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Week 39! June 1, 2015

September 2014 – October 2016

Elder Maxwell K. Wimmer
Ni Hao (Hello)
The Singapore Mission includes the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Most Mandarin missionaries serve in East or West Malaysia.



Elder Barlow, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Sabin, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ee - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Shirley - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Jones - Singapore
Elder Li - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Chin - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Lundahl-Wolford - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Durrant - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Geilman - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder South - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ethington - MTC
Elder Clark - MTC


Hello Everyone!

This has been a great last week of the transfer. We were really busy this week. Here are some things that happened.

Monday – After our p-day ended, later that night, we met with a potential investigator named A**. He’s pretty great. He invited his friend A** over to meet with us as well. They both asked a lot of questions. A** became a new investigator and A** will soon be a new investigator!

Tuesday – We taught 3 lessons with members present! I think that’s the most I’ve ever had. It was a really successful day. We were actually hoping for 4 member present lessons, but 3 is awesome. We met with our investigator A** and his mother who became a new investigator. A** is going to take some work, but he’ll eventually get there. Our lesson went well. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. He seemed to understand it. Brother D** came with us. He was helpful because he can speak Hokkien and A**’s mother’s Mandarin isn’t very good. Our next lesson was with J**. Brother E** came with us. He’s a solid member. He’s only been a member for a little over a year, but he’s great and really helpful. Our lesson went well. J** is still struggling with the Book of Mormon. He doesn’t know why we need it. He said he wants to know it’s true, but he won’t read it. He always says he’ll do things and then he doesn’t. He’ll probably be dropped this week. Our last lesson was with V**. He’s crazy. We put him on date, which is good, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to be baptized on that day. He definitely wants to be baptized, but he doesn’t have time to come to church because of work. He started reading the Book of Mormon and he’s praying for a new job (I think). I think he told us he’s hoping to move out of the country. I guess that would be good if he moved and could be baptized somewhere else.

Wednesday – We visited 2 recent converts P** and Auntie M** as well as a less active named Sis. Z**. Elder Durrant wanted to see them for the last time just in case they didn’t come to church on Sunday. We also met with our investigator G**. I love G**. He’s so funny. He accepted a baptismal date. June 11th. I hope he can be baptized on that date.

Thursday – Besides for weekly planning, sadly, nothing really happened. We had bike problems. Woohoo.

Friday – We were hoping to have 4 member present lessons on this day as well, but nothing seemed to work out. we did have one lesson without a member present with our investigator M**. It went alright. He could actually remember some things he was taught 15 years ago. We taught him about the Restoration. He asked us a lot of questions.

Saturday – Our day went pretty well. We met with A**. We reviewed what we’d previously taught him. He remembered a little bit. He always tells us he’s not very smart. For some reason, a lot of the people we meet with dropped out of school. I guess that’s a trend here. Later we met with J**. He committed to read the Book Of Mormon everyday and to come to church. He didn’t come to church, but hopefully he read… Later we met with A**. His mother was present at the lesson and she became a new investigator, so that went well. I really like A**’s family. Compared to our other investigators he has a lot of potential.

Sunday – We ate dinner at Pres. T**’s house. It was really good. We had Indian food. It was definitely the best thing he’s made for us. Oh yeah, we had one investigator at church. I’ve never met with him. Apparently he just can’t give up smoking, but he occasionally comes to church.

Monday – Now it’s p-day. I found out that I’ll be serving with Elder Lundahl-Wolford. I’m excited to meet him. He’s been out for a year, so just 3 more months than me. Today, we’ll have to pack because Elder Durrant is leaving. I thought this last transfer went pretty well. I learned a lot. I’m excited for this next transfer and excited to write to you all next week!

Sorry I got to go. Bye!
Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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