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Week Ten! November 10, 2014

September 2014 – October 2016

Elder Maxwell K. Wimmer
Ni Hao (Hello)
The Singapore Mission includes the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Most Mandarin missionaries serve in East or West Malaysia.



Elder Barlow, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Sabin, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ee - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Shirley - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Jones - Singapore
Elder Li - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Chin - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Lundahl-Wolford - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Durrant - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Geilman - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder South - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ethington - MTC
Elder Clark - MTC



At the airport with President and Sister Mains

At the airport with President and Sister Mains

Hello! This week has been so awesome and crazy. On Monday, I was really busy packing and getting everything done that I needed to. We left the MTC at 1:30 pm. We road a bus to the frontrunner and took that to the airport. We arrived at the airport and everything went well. Our flight left at 7. I’ll send a picture of my flight plans so you’ll know what time all my flights were. We were only supposed to have 2 hour layovers, but we probably only had less than an hour layovers. The flight from LAX to Hong Kong was kind of long, but I thought they were really fun. Cathay Pacific (the airline we took) was awesome. They had pretty good food and really good service. Everything went well on all our flights I didn’t have to pay any extra for my bags. The Singapore airport is awesome. When we were leaving the airport, President and Sister Mains were waiting for us as well as the assistants to the president and the sister training leaders. The had us put all or luggage in a van and a car. We then took the MRT to the stake center. The MRT is the train that goes through all of the city. You can get anywhere on it. It’s pretty sweet. they gave us a Book of Mormon to hand out and I gave mine to this sister, I can’t remember her name. She was Christian (there are a lot of Christians in Singapore). She said she just goes to any church, usually the one closest to her house. She wanted to know why our church was different so i taught her about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration. She said she like learning about other religions and I gave her the Book of Mormon and she said she’d read it. I also gave her a pass along card and my email. When we got to the stake center we had a welcoming meeting (I don’t really know what the official title is). It went well, then we went back to the house where all the new trainees and trainers were. It’s really hot here. It felt great to shower and change my clothes because I had been wearing the same clothes for like a day and a half. My companion is Elder South. He’s awesome. The next morning we had to pack our things because if we got assigned to Malaysia we can only have one suitcase and a carry on. We then got our reassignments. I got assigned to East Malaysia. The Sibu chinese area. We got our flight plans and had to leave right away because our flight. We went there as fast as we could, but we actually didn’t make it in time. We just missed it, the gate had just closed. We were supposed to fly to Kuching then Sibu, but instead we went to Kuala Lumpur then to Sibu. We got to our apartment at around 11pm and went straight to bed. The next morning we had all our studies which last until 1:30 if you count lunch. We sometimes eat out though. so we left at 12:30, went to get lunch and went to buy my bike. My bike is awesome. I bought it for 450 ringgit, which is like $150 dollars in US dollars. Everything is cheaper here, it’s crazy. That day it rained a lot so we couldn’t go out. We had to stay in our apartment to do area book work. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of my bike or our apartment. I’ll have to send them next week. Oh yeah, we have our apartment all to ourselves. We’re also the only chinese elders in our district. There are 3 sets of Malay elders in our district. So the next day (Saturday) we had to buy some mud flaps for my bike, went contacting, and we were supposed to have an english class, but no one showed up. Sunday was awesome. We went to sacrament meeting. I didn’t really understand much, I blessed the sacrament, bore my testimony, taught combined priesthood and relief society class. We taught from the teaching of Joseph Fielding Smith. We had our branch council meeting, which consisted of our just us and the branch president because no one ever shows up. Our branch has I think 90 people in it. Only like 20 or so people actually come to church. It’s definitely not boring here. We came back and the landlord and his family came to fix our pipes in our apartment. Well that’s my week. Sorry I don’t have any more time. I love you all! You’re the best. Trust the Lord and strive to grow closer to him. Ok that’s all my time. Bye! Elder Wimmer


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