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Week Nine! November 3, 2014

September 2014 – October 2016

Elder Maxwell K. Wimmer
Ni Hao (Hello)
The Singapore Mission includes the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Most Mandarin missionaries serve in East or West Malaysia.



Elder Barlow, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Sabin, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ee - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Shirley - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Jones - Singapore
Elder Li - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Chin - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Lundahl-Wolford - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Durrant - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Geilman - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder South - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ethington - MTC
Elder Clark - MTC

Mandarin District

Mandarin District

Mom’s note – We were able to talk to Max between flights on his way to Singapore. He flew from SLC to LAX to Hong Kong and as I type, they are on their way to Singapore. They will arrive there at 11:30am on Wednesday the 5th. They pretty much miss most of Tuesday with the time change. Crazy to think our Max will be half way around the world. Max enjoyed his MTC experience. He was particularly sad to leave his companion, Elder Ethington, who will be serving in Edmonton, Canada. He told us of some of their spiritual experiences. Always hard to say goodbye to close friends. He and Bion conversed in Mandarin for quite some time. Bion said his Chinese sounds great. We are proud of this boy and we love him. He sounded upbeat and excited to get to work. On his flight to L.A. he sat by a youngish Chinese woman originally from Beijing who was currently living in So. Cal and was in Utah interviewing for a software company. He taught her (in English) about the Gospel and gave her an “I Am a Mormon” card that contains the church’s contact information. She was interested and asked him there was a church where she lived. He said she didn’t really know much about Christianity. She does now. Way to go, Elder Wimmer! Here is his update:

I’m so excited to leave and I have so much to do, but here’s my weekly update:

Tuesday – I love Tuesdays. We didn’t have an investigator, well we did, but it was teaching Elder C. and Elder Eg. Our lesson was alright. They were acting like they were drunk. My companion, Elder Ethington bought everyone cream sodas because he’s awesome. We took pictures in front of the cream soda tree outside our classroom. Oh I forgot, I also sent Jake’s pillow back that he left. Anyways, choir was fun. Brother Keck was the conductor because I guess Brother Eggot wasn’t there. Brother Keck is awesome. He’s so nice. I got a picture with him, he’s awesome. Anyways, we sang Lead Kindly Light which is one my favorite hymns. There were a lot of sisters in the choir. When I looked out into the rest of the audience during the devotional, there weren’t very many sisters, I guess they all just go to choir. Rosemary M. Wixom spoke at the devotional. It was awesome. She talked about how to be a good missionary. After the devotional we had a good devotional review. They’re always pretty good.

Wednesday – We taught one of our teachers acting as a less active member. It was good, but really hard. The rest of our classes were good. I really enjoy classes. I can usually understand everything that’s said and we have fun. We usually play games in at least one of our two classes and we always have coaching time. I also hosted today. Well we weren’t assigned to host, but during our additional study, I just went and volunteered. I hosted Elder Moser. (He is from Herriman High School) Haha I got someone I actually knew. Yeah it was awesome. I love hosting. That was my last chance. Oh yeah, Elder B and Elder Eg also performed in the welcoming devotional for all the new missionaries. We also taught our gold tag named Sidney. I like teaching gold tags. It’s so easy teaching in english.

Thursday – Thursday was another amazing day. I had to buy a lot of things in the store and I bought a bunch of pens. We had our weekly service project, which is always pretty fun. It feels good to do things besides study. We were talking to one of the guys that’s a janitor. He went to Hong Kong on his mission and knows cantonese. He’s pretty cool. All our lessons went well. We practiced the EFY Medley, which sounds alright. Elder Eg is playing the piano for us because we couldn’t find another piano player. Sister H is singing with us also. Sister H is getting fast tracked and is going with us. She is supposed to be in Elder A’s district, but she already knows chinese.

Friday – Halloween! Haha I guess Halloween isn’t the same on your mission. We dressed up as missionaries in black (men in black). We both wore black matching ties and sunglasses. We had in field orientation. I really enjoyed. It was kind of long so some people didn’t like it, but I did. I thought it was really helpful. It’s funny because you’re there with a bunch of english speaking elders that have only been there for a little over a week and then we’ve been here for 9 weeks, so we kind of know a lot more than them, haha. Anyways, it was pretty fun. They had a little play that was the life of the missionary over a few days at beginning of his mission. It was funny, a little cheesey, but good.

Saturday – All our classes were really sad because that was the last time we were going to see our teachers. We gave them journals that we purchased at the store and we wrote notes to them. I am writing in cursive still to try to get better. We also took pictures with them. We practiced our EFY Medley that we sang on Sunday. On Saturdays we have our first classes in the morning and usually have study time in the evening but we had to start packing. I didn’t pack everything because I still needed to do my laundry on P-Day. We also had to clean up our room. It was dirty.

Sunday – I love Sundays. We had mission conference (we have that every Fast Sunday). Elder B played the violin and Elder C on piano and a Sister who is a vocal performance major sang Savior Redeemer of My Soul. President Hacking spoke during mission conference about Joseph Smith and the First Vision and how important is is. Four missionaries were asked to recite the First Vision Russian, Mandarin, Japanese and Hungarian. I was picked to recite it in Mandarin. I was so nervous. More nervous than when I sing. I was the only Elder, the other three were Sisters.

Today we were able to go to the Temple and then I had to do my laundry and I washed my jeans. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave enough time to hang dry them. They aren’t soaking wet but I put them in a bag and will wash them when I get to Singapore. (mom’s note – brilliant!!!!)

It has been great being in the MTC but I’m excited to go to Singapore. Good luck to everyone.

Elder Wimmer


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