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Week Seven! October 20, 2014

September 2014 – October 2016

Elder Maxwell K. Wimmer
Ni Hao (Hello)
The Singapore Mission includes the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Most Mandarin missionaries serve in East or West Malaysia.



Elder Barlow, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Sabin, Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ee - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Shirley - Bintulu, E. Malaysia
Elder Jones - Singapore
Elder Li - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Chin - Melacca, W. Malaysia
Elder Lundahl-Wolford - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Durrant - Kuching, E. Malaysia
Elder Geilman - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder South - Sibu, E. Malaysia
Elder Ethington - MTC
Elder Clark - MTC

Max Hosting (shot taken from Elder Avery's family)

Max Hosting (shot taken from Elder Avery’s family)

This week’s been great! Here’s my weekly update.

Tuesday – Larry R. Laurence of the 70 spoke. He spoke about the spiritual war we’re in right now. He also talked about ways Satan tries to tempt us and how we can resist his temptations. He had a lot of good points and I thought it was awesome. The choir sang “We are all enlisted”. Brother Laurence asked us to sing it. During his talk he talked about how the hymn book has a lot of battle hymns and marches. The choir did well. People in the audience told me we sounded good and we had more people than last week. After the devotional, we had our district devotional review. It went really well and was pretty spiritual.

Wednesday – After our morning studies we had hosting. I love hosting. It was a little different this time. They changed where they usually drop-off due to construction. I hosted 3 elders. Sadly, I didn’t get to host Elder Avery. I waited for him, but eventually they needed me to host an elder and while his family was getting out the car, the Averys drove past. Oh well, I still see him everyday, so it’s not that big of a deal. We got our mandarin name-tags and they’re super awesome. I wore them, but I think we’re not supposed to, even though the brother that gave them to us said we could wear them. Jake’s district as well as two others, got their reassignments as well. I can’t remember all of the places that they got reassigned, but I know some are going to Boston, Maryland, Mesa, Houston, Virginia, and Tennessee. After class, I found out that Sister B. tore her meniscus during gym. She had to go get surgery the next day and she was really sad. She wouldn’t be able to go out in the field until she got surgery. We also don’t know if she’ll be able to go to Taiwan at all. We decided we were going to fast for her. After class, we got to know the new districts a little bit and talked to all the people that got their reassignments.

Thursday – We had service in the morning which went well. We found out later that day that our fasting payed off. Sister B. is going back home for about 4 weeks to get surgery and then she’s going to Taiwan. At least she gets to go. She said that there’s a chinese foreign exchange student staying with her, so lucky for her she gets to keep up her chinese.

Friday – Nothing really exciting happened. Our lessons went really well. My teacher told me I was improving, so that’s good. Looking back on when I first go here. I’ve actually really improved. It’s amazing how much you learn in the MTC.

Saturday – Our lesson with our investigator Huang jie mei went really well. Nothing really exciting happened. We talked to the departing districts a lot. It’s gonna be weird when they leave.

Sunday – Sundays are always the best. Our priesthood meeting was good. Elder Brown and Sabin (the new zone leaders) taught the lesson. It was about the Book of Mormon. We also talked about baptism out of the mission handbook. After priesthood we had our district meeting. We didn’t have a member of the branch presidency with us, but it was still good. After our meeting we had sacrament. Our sacrament was awesome. Elder Sumptions (I don’t know how to spell his name) and Sister Giles spoke. As well as Brother and Sister Williams. Sister Giles and Sister Tate sang a musical number which was good and the two departing districts sang their departing song. It was sad. Our branch is going to be so small when they leave. Elder Ethington was made the district leader, replacing Elder Clark. After sacrament meeting we had our temple walk. Temple walks are always fun. I just take random pictures with my camera. After we had dinner and then choir. Elder Ethington decided to come with me. He said he had never sang in choir, but he’s pretty good. He’s not tone deaf. He sang tenor with me because he wanted to sing by me, but he said it was a little too high for him. He did hit the notes though. Anyways, he said he enjoyed it and that’s what counts. After choir we had our sunday night devotional. Brother Chad and Michelle Lewis. Chad Lewis was a former BYU football player and played in the NFL. I’m not sure what teams he played on, but I remember he played for the Eagles, which is my favorite team. Anyways, his talk was really good. His talk was about letting your light shine. He was a pretty cool speaker. He’s the NFL’s ambassador for China. He went to Taiwan on his mission. After we watched The Mountain of the Lord. It’s pretty good. I enjoyed it.

Ok, so not this week, I think it was a few weeks ago, maybe even more, but anyways, there was an elder here learning Thai (I think). His name was Elder Monson and he told me that he remembered me from somewhere. He told me that he thought he went to our birthday party in 2nd grade. Isn’t that really weird? Well it’s not that weird because he said before he came here he was looking through some pictures and he said he saw one of us. He remembered having twin friends in elementary school and I guess he remembered me and Jake. Isn’t that crazy. He remembers going to our yu-gi-oh birthday party where we watched the yu-gi-oh movie. Haha, I didn’t even remember that until now. I guess we were friends in 2nd grade. Haha, I talked to him about Rosecrest and our trading card days and how everyone had heelies. He remembers, haha. Oh he went to Olympus so maybe the Rasmussens know him? Haha, I don’t I just thought that was a crazy story so I wanted to share it.

My week was awesome! It’s going to be weird when Jake is gone, but I’ll be fine. I’m learning a lot here in the MTC and I love it. I can’t wait to get out in the field. Thanks for the emails and people’s prayers. I’ll talk to you next week. My invitation for you is to help out the missionaries in you areas and be member missionaries. Alright I’m out of time. Bye.

Elder Wimmer


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